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Terms and Conditions

PayUnow Website Creation

1. Introduction

(1.1) These Terms and Conditions for Website Creation shall be applicable in the event the Merchant avails PayUnow Product – Website Creation. These terms and conditions shall be applicable in addition to the Merchant Agreement for PayUnow. These terms and conditions shall apply in full force and effect to your use of Website Creation. You must not avail PayUnow Product – Website Creation, if you have any objection to any of these terms and conditions.

2. Scope

(2.1) Website Creation enables a Merchant to create a website hosted on PayU Site with the url www.payunow.com/[nameof the Merchant]. Website Creation enables the Merchant to upload the images of the Products ("Image") to be sold along with the description and price. Merchant can share the url with its Customers enabling them to review the Product and make payment to the Merchant using the various Payment Mechanism being provided by PayU.

3. Additional Terms and Conditions

(3.1) The Merchant shall ensure that the Merchant name or the url being created by the Merchant or the Images uploaded on the PayUnow platform shall not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party.

(3.2) The Images uploaded are true and correct Image of the Product being sold by the Merchant and shall in no manner create any confusion with anyother product including establishing any unwarranted relationship with any third party or its products. The Images shallbe the exact picture of the Product being sold by the Merchant and should be in accordance with the description, if any, being provided for the Product.

(3.3) The Image should be clear and one Image displaying a single Product shall appear at one time.

(3.4) The Merchant shall not upload Images on the PayU Site which are in any manner banned, offensive, illegal, restricted including effects the religious or political sentiments of any section of the society.

(3.5) The Merchant understands that all rights, title and interest in the PayU Site shall solely rest with PayU and by enabling the use of PayU Site to the Merchant, no sale or license is being granted to the Merchant. The Merchant is given a limited right to sell its products through PayUnow Services.

(3.6) The Merchant shall also provide for refund and return process along with active Customer support process.

(3.7) Terms capitalized but not defined under this document, shall have the meaning ascribed to them under the Merchant Agreement for PayUnow.